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Tree Service

Tree & Shrub Removal

At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we are experts in the field of tree & shrub removal. Every landscape has trees that have outgrown their property or are in the way of a new project. These trees need to be properly removed. Sometimes trees are too close to electrical wires or too close to the home to take any chances. Many trees have invasive roots that can crack driveways, sidewalks and streets or absolutely ruin an otherwise beautiful paving job. Often times, we are called upon by homeowners that underestimated their DIY project and now need help to safely remove a tree from their property. Sometimes a homeowner wants to create a new outdoor patio area, or clear the way on their lawn so they have more usable space to play with their children. Whatever the situation, our team of landscaping professionals will get the job done safely and quickly.

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Trees and shrubs are usually planted with the best of intentions. They look neat and manicured when they are young, but as the tree or shrub gets older, they begin to become more and more difficult to tame. Pool areas are usually the spot where most homeowners have issues with overgrown trees, as they can easily turn a beautiful pool into a cold, shaded area that doesn't maximize the use of the pool for the family that lives there. Sometimes tree limbs can grow dangerously close to electrical wires or homes and with the right amount of wind, tree limbs can become an unsafe hazard to your home and property. Other times, homeowners just want to create a neat, manicured appearance to all of the trees and shrubs on their property and maintaining them is the only way to do it. Most jobs are completed in one day and as always, we remove all debris and leave your property looking clean and neat. If you have unruly trees and shrubs on your property that are blocking your view, blocking your sun, or just need a haircut, we at Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. are here to help.

Stump Grinding & Removal

After you remove a large tree or shrub from your property, you will be left with a stump. Some homeowners leave the stump on their property because it may be in an area that is not used often by the homeowner or it could be something they may want to incorporate into their landscape. Having stumps on your landscape can create for dangerous conditions, especially if you have children that play outside. A stump cut low to the ground is virtually invisible and an easy place for kids to trip and fall. The stump and roots of a tree are unusable areas on your property. If you removed a tree and have intentions of placing a flower bed in its place, you won't be able to do so without the proper grinding or removal of the stump and roots below. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we quickly remove the area of the stump and leave you with a usable spot of land. Our methods are quick and easy and can be completed in less than one day. Give us a call today.