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Landscape Construction

Retaining Walls

Not all homes are built on perfect terrain. Some homeowners have problems with flooding and pools of water on their property. A retaining wall will properly hold back a slope and allow for proper irrigation and a new flow for water runoff. Some homeowners use retaining walls for their beauty. When done properly, they provide a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor kitchens, pool areas, or can even be used for planting. Whatever their purpose, retaining walls must be done properly. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. our team will review your terrain and decide what action needs to be taken to create the look that you desire. If you have an existing retaining wall that doesn't quite convey the look or feel that you want, or if you have a retaining wall that is damaged don't hesitate to give us a call. If left untreated, a minor fix could eventually become a greater issue. Give us a call for a free estimate today.


Sod consists of strips of healthy, properly grown lawn that is installed on your property and will take root, growing as your new natural lawn. If you need to change the look of your landscape quickly, then sod is the way to go. Sod can provide the instant look and feel of beautiful green, luscious grass. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we can provide you with new sod to cover your property or replace seriously damaged areas of grass. You can choose from a variety of different types of grass depending on the landscape of your property, amount of sunlight, amount of shade and watering habits. Your property can instantly be beautified by the right amount of sod.

Dry Wells

If you have issues of water pooling on your property or flooding in your home, you may need to consider a dry well. A dry well is placed underground and gets rid of storm water runoff by redirecting the runoff water and dispersing it into the ground, where it combines with local groundwater. Water that pools in a yard after heavy rain or flooding in the home are issues that need to be addressed immediately. Pooling water is a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects and bacteria. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we can review your property and install a dry well in a location that won't interfere with the beauty of your landscape.


If your property is hilly or unusable or if you've recently had trees or shrubs removed, you may need to have your property graded. Grading your property will improve the look of your landscape by creating a level surface or filling in low-lying areas with soil. Our team will first have to assess the property to determine if there are any underlying issues causing the low areas. From there, we will take the best course of action to fix the problem. Properly grading your property is an important step in achieving the landscape that you have always wanted.


Topsoil is useful for many different aspects of landscape design. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we are called upon by homeowners looking to add topsoil to their property for many different reasons. Sometimes homeowners would like to re-seed their entire lawn, or recreate new flower beds or gardens, all of which require topsoil. Topsoil is screened dirt that is free of rocks and debris. It is the perfect fill for a garden or plant bed and is the only choice when planting new shrubs and trees. If you need topsoil for your planting or landscape needs, give us a call today.