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Commercial Snow Removal Service

Although a snowy day can create a beautiful white landscape to look at, walking or driving on snow can be a dangerous activity. When it snows, the world keeps moving. You may still have to get to work or you may not want to be snowed in until it all melts. You may be a property owner that hat has to keep it safe for tenants or business patrons. Commercial properties are especially in need of snow removal in the winter. If you own a business, your parking area and sidewalk needs to be cleared by law. You could face fines or even lawsuits if someone has an accident due to your lack of snow removal. Your employees and customers deserve a safe place to enter and exit your property. Snow removal in the winter time is important. The removal of snow creates a safe environment and makes traveling easier. When snow falls, the snow needs to be removed shortly after because when the temperatures dip at night, any bit of melted snow can become a treacherous ice problem in the morning. Also, having a dry, snow-free pavement will reduce the risk of damage to the asphalt and pavers below when snow melts and re-freezes. Whatever your situation, Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. has snow removal services to fit your needs. We can create a contract with you that will elicit the removal of snow from your property before a certain time, throughout the day, or when the snow accumulates above a certain height. Let us ensure the safety of your home or business with our snow removal services.

Ice Management

Ice management is imperative for homeowners and business owners alike. Firstly, nobody wants to get hurt from slipping on ice. Ice injuries account for thousands of hospital visits each winter on Long Island alone. A slip-and-fall ice injury can bring broken bones, sore muscles or traumatic head injuries to those that fall. It is the responsibility of the property owner to arrange for ice management when needed. A property owner could be fined or sued if someone falls on their property and is injured as a direct result of their failure to mitigate their ice problem. Lawsuits due to slip-and-fall accidents caused by ice account for a large percentage of personal injury lawsuits filed each year in New York State. Ice management is also important to property owners who have tenants living in their properties. It is the responsibility of the landlord to provide snow removal and ice management at any occupied property. At Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. we monitor your property for ice on the premises. We use salt and sand to melt and prevent accidents and continue to watch your property until we see no evident threat. We are on call before and after each storm or snowfall to prevent ice buildup and melt any ice that does accumulate, should there be a need. If you need ice management on your property or if you are unhappy with the company that you are currently using, give Lakeview Landscaping, Inc. a call today. We will be happy to arrange for a free estimate.