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Lakeview Landscaping, Inc.
3950 Eve Drive
Seaford, NY 11783

Phone: (516) 221-3426

About Lakeview Landscaping, Inc.

Lakeview Landscaping is a full service oriented landscape company with experience in the field. We stand behind our staff and our commitment to quality work. We Train all our employees with the best available know how today.

he goal of the landscape specialists at Lakeview Landscaping is to provide a landscape evolution tailored to an individual homeowners specific requirements. Designing a program that best reflects your

landscape and its continuing and changing needs is important to us. The process of routine monitoring and individualized customer attention is the basis of the professional attitude at Lakeview Landscaping. Proper maintenance of your property preserves the intended beauty of your landscape, conserves water, and increases the value of your home. We strive to be a cut above the rest

Benefits Of Doing Business With Lakeview Landscaping

• Fully Licensed - Certified/Registered/Insured
• Professional Approach
• Strong Product and Practical Knowledge
• Superior Service Orientation
• Competitive Pricing Structures
• Reputation for Quality
• Dedicated & Well Trained Work Force

Our Commitment To Service

At Lakeview Landscaping, we fell that we have a mission. That mission is to establish productive, mutually beneficial, and professional relationships with the customers we service by providing quality workmanship and resourceful landscape techniques. The keys to out success are precision and efficiency, offering competitive pricing structures and strictly conforming to the requirements, time frame, and specifications of our clients.

We will continue to maintain our conscientious regard for safety and for the environment, and will reinforce our long-standing reputation as a professional,courteous,and efficient contracting organization.